The Forensic Digest is the official journal of the International Academy of Forensic Professionals (IAFP) and the Academy of Forensic Nursing Science (AFNS). We are committed to publishing a journal that is reflective of the many disciplines, roles and functions of those who represent professional forensic practice. The Digest, representing all disciplines of forensic science, provides practicing forensic clinicians with reports of research, case studies, current events, interviews with forensic professionals, updates from forensic educational conferences and other informative articles. Our editorial staff is committed to the journalistic ideal of excellence.

The Forensic Digest is a bi-annual publication; featured forensic articles in the 2010 Winter/Spring Edition include:

> The Social Disease of Trafficking Children: A Forensic Nursing Perspective
> The Murder of Florence Korn: County of New York, Case Number 37,1893
> War On Drugs
> From Prison To Community: Adjusting The Strategy For Better Outcomes

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