IAFP is proud to claim among its members many authors and editors of outstanding books in forensic science and related fields. In accordance with our mission of promoting education and research, these works by our members, directors and advisors are provided for the benefit of all readers interested in the discipline of forensic science.

Robert Blackledge, retired forensic chemist, has been involved with both the practice and teaching of forensic science for well over thirty years. He began his forensic science career in 1971 when he was hired to work as a chemist in the crime lab of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Tallahassee. Just before the Berlin Wall came down, Bob accepted a position as the Senior Chemist in the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service Regional Forensic Laboratory in San Diego. Bob has published approximately 40 papers and book chapters in forensic science literature. He is the editor for a book on trace evidence, Forensic Analysis on the Cutting Edge: New Methods for Trace Evidence Analysis He is a Fellow in the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (Criminalistics Section), and also a member in the California Association of Criminalists, Southern Association of Forensic Scientists, and the American Chemical Society.

Forensic Analysis on the Cutting Edge: New Methods for Trace
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Faye Battiste-Otto has essentially devoted her professional nursing endeavors to forensic science as a career choice, using her many talents to create practical opportunities in the field. Since 1983, commencing with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County, California, USA, her company, American Forensic Nurses, has been providing a variety of mobile forensic evidence collection services to many of the major law enforcement agencies in Southern California. Coming soon is her first book, A Guide to Crime Scene Investigation.

A Guide to Crime Scene Investigation
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Janet Barber Duval holds a baccalaureate degree in nursing from the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Nursing/Education from Indiana University. Her areas of clinical expertise include emergency, trauma, and critical care. Involvement in forensic nursing spans two decades, encompassing education, practice and consultation. She is the former Editor for the Journal of Emergency Nursing (JEN) and has edited Critical Care Nursing Quarterly (CCNQ) for three decades. Barber Duval edited the textbook, Forensic Nursing for Virginia A. Lynch that was released in 2005.

Forensic Nursing Forensic Nursing
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Jim Hoerricks is an artist, designer, and photographer. He is a forensic video image analyst for the Los Angeles Police Department's Scientific Investigation Division and specializes in blending techniques from the design world with the Forensic Workflow. Always an innovator, Jim established the LAPD's Forensic Video Lab in 2001, has been the lead analyst on many of the LAPD's high-profile cases, and has assisted in setting the standard by which video evidence is handled by the department. Jim has worked on loan to many local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and has testified as an expert in Forensic Video Analysis in courtrooms throughout California.

Forensic Photoshop
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Barry A. J. Fisher is the Crime Laboratory Director for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, a position he has held since 1987. He began his career in Criminalistics with the Sheriff’s crime lab in 1969 and over the years has worked in a wide variety of assignments. His textbook, Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, in its 7th edition, enjoys wide popularity. Fisher speaks throughout the United States, and has lectured in Canada, England, Australia, Singapore, France, Israel, Japan, China and Turkey on forensic science laboratory practices, quality assurance and related topics.

Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, Seventh Edition Forensics DeMystified
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Vernon J. Geberth is a retired Lieutenant-Commander of the New York City Police Department that has published extensively on topics relating to criminal investigation and forensic techniques and applied criminal psychology. All of his textbooks have received international acclaim; his published works are cited in numerous professional publications throughout the United States, Canada and Europe and are considered, by professionals in the field, fundamental prerequisites in conducting proficient death inquiries, and are utilized as a frame of reference when addressing the critical issues associated in the investigative process of sexual-related homicides.

Practical Homicide Investigation Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation
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Dr. Neal Haskell is a Professor of Forensic Science and Biology at Saint Joseph's College in Rensselaer, Indiana, and continues as a private international forensic entomology consultant to hundreds of law enforcement agencies across North America and in Europe. He is a Board Certified Entomologist and is one of nine members as a Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Entomology. Dr. Haskell has been featured on over 15 television programs including The New Detectives, Discovery Channel, Secrets of Forensic Science, The Learning Channel, How Things Work, A&E, and Forensic Files on Court TV and recent filming for National Geographic and the History Channel.

Entomology And Death
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Robert K. Ressler is the founder and former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's acclaimed Violent Criminal Apprehension Program and is considered the world's leading authority on violence in contemporary society. He is an expert on serial killers (a phrase he coined) and sexual homicides. The X Files was inspired by Ressler's work at the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit. For most of his twenty year career at the FBI, Ressler was the heart of the effort that made the Bureau legendary by identifying and capturing violent criminals. He is author of the books, I Have Lived in the Monster and the international best seller, Whoever Fights Monsters.

I Have Lived In The Monster Crime Classification Manual Sexual Homicide: Patterns and Motives Whoever Fights Monsters
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Dr. Charles V. Wetli graduated from the University of Notre Dame and the St. Louis University School of Medicine, completed his residency at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and is certified by the American Board of Pathology in Anatomical, Clinical, and Forensic Pathology. Dr. Wetli has personally performed thousands of autopsies and has supervised many thousands more. He has authored two forensic texts, numerous book chapters, and over 100 research articles in peer reviewed scientific journals. He has given numerous workshops and presentations on a variety of topics in Forensic Pathology, particularly in the area of drug related deaths and deaths in police custody.

An Atlas of Forensic Pathology
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Dr. Dian Williams has written a chapter on treatment strategies for firesetters for a forensic textbook published in 2005 and authored a textbook entitled Understanding the Arsonist: From Assessment to Confession, available for sale through her office or Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company. A second, expanded edition of the text is currently underway. A future project involves comparative research on female firesetting behavior in the US and Australia. She is also a column editor on ethics and legal nurse consulting issues for the Journal of Forensic Nursing.

Understanding The Arsonist
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Robert Hare is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of British Columbia, where he has taught and conducted research for more than four decades, and President of Darkstone Research Group Ltd., a forensic research and consulting firm. He has devoted most of his academic career to the investigation of psychopathy, its nature, assessment, and implications for mental health and criminal justice. He is the author of several books, including Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us, and more than one hundred scientific articles on psychopathy.

Without Conscience Snakes In Suits Psychopathy: Theory, Research and Implications for Society
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Patty Seneski is a pioneer in the field of forensic nursing. Her areas of expertise include bioterrorism, sexual assault, and clinical forensic practice. Currently, Seneski holds the title of Emergency Preparedness Manager for Banner Desert Medical Center in the metropolitan Phoenix area and currently serves on the Arizona State Task force on Bio-Terrorism. Past appointments within Arizona include the Emergency Medical Services Council, Emergency Medical Services Board of Director. She was a founder for the Sexual Assault Response Team at Pomerado Hospital, Poway, California and formerly served as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner in Denver, Colorado. She is a respected planner and consultant in bioterrorism, weapons of mass destruction and disaster preparedness, and is widely utilized as a faculty resource for local and regional programs within these areas of specialization.

Color Atlas of Sexual Assault
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D. P. Lyle, MD is the Macavity Award winning and Edgar® Award nominated author of the non-fiction books, Murder and Mayhem, Forensics For Dummies, Forensics and Fiction, and Howdunnit: Forensics: A Guide For Writers. He was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama where his childhood interests revolved around football, baseball, and building rockets in his backyard. The latter pursuit was common in Huntsville during the 1950’s and 60’s due to the nearby NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center. For the past 30 years, he has practiced Cardiology in Orange County, California.

Forensics: A Guide For Writers Forensics and Fiction Forensic for Dummies
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Serita Mendelson Stevens is published author and speaker. She has 32 books including two non-fiction to her credit, additionally, she does adaptations of books and novelizations. She is a medical consultant for writers and teaches writing to independent students. Her Edgar award short story, The Unborn, has been adapted into a script short. Stevens is a scriptwriter and board member for the Film Industry Network as well as an active member of Women In Film and Alameda Writer’s Group. Her television projects include, Saving Spirit, an original story for Larry Levinson/ Hallmark and The Forensic Nurse – a pilot for Canadian TV (CTV).

Forensic Nurse
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Sharon Crowley is a Forensic Clinical Nurse Specialist, author, class developer and guest lecturer. She has been a registered nurse for nearly 40 years and a sexual assault nurse for 22 of those years. She is currently an instructor for the California Peace Officers Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.) and the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in California. She is a Team Member for the On-Call First Responder Team, Human Trafficking. Standing Against Global Exploitation (SAGE) out of San Francisco, California; a Bioterrorism Consultant for the Santa Clara County Health & Hospital System, Office of Disaster Medical Services in San Jose, and a Pediatric Sexual Assault Examiner for the Center for Child Protection at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center also in San Jose, California. She has authored Sexual Assault: The Medical Legal Examination, considered excellent required reading for any nurse practicing as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, SANE. Crowley directed & wrote, Video: Overview of Child Abuse. Spanning 16 years of involvement with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS), in 2002, Crowley became the recipient of the prestigious, Achievement Award, for Clinical Research, by General Section, American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Sexual Assault
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