American Forensic Nurses, Inc. (AMRN) specializing in forensic specimen collection services, is owned and operated by registered nurse, Faye Battiste-Otto. The company has provided specific mobile forensic evidence collection services for law enforcement agencies in a professional, efficient, and cost effective manner since 1983. Our forensically trained medical professionals are in place and available 24-hours a day to respond to jail facilities, hospitals, and DUI checkpoints.

Evidence collection services provided by our staff of forensically trained mobile medical professionals include blood, urine, saliva, taser dart removal, sexual assault suspect examinations, officer involved incidents, specimens for DNA analysis and paternity testing. This encompasses the process of collecting, and following chain of custody on all collected evidentiary specimens. Our certified phlebotomy technicians are available for court testimony as needed by law enforcement.

Our management and technical staff are aware of the special circumstances involved in the handling of recalcitrant subjects and the company’s continuous training program incorporates current techniques in dealing with these special circumstance cases.

All blood samples are collected in a medically approved manner and according to jurisdictional policies. All specimen collections are witnessed by law enforcement personnel and without exception chain of custody is followed on all evidence collected. Our staff of medical personnel have been thoroughly trained in the methods of evidence gathering required by the jurisdictions we serve.

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