The Academy of Forensic Nursing Science (AFNS) is an international professional, contemporary and affordable member-focused organization representing all specialties of forensic nursing; working toward providing what the forensic professional really needs on a daily basis by bringing nursing science and law together.

Our members are dedicated to the development and expansion of forensic nursing science by advancing theory, clinical practice, scientific principles and education, networking with distinguished forensic scientists. Our forensic professionals share common goals and interests by promoting dissemination of forensic nursing knowledge, integrity, competency, and best practices.

So what is so unique about this Academy? More focused than an association, the Academy provides leaders in the field who establish and evaluate standards, benchmark the highest level of forensic science and related practice, generates new ideas for extending the profession, provides a clearinghouse of useful information regarding contemporary trends and issues in the medical-legal setting, and, examines new scientific discoveries in forensic science.

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